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Our Silver rim hurricane lanterns are avilable in two great sizes.

Lovely pieces with a cylindrical glass body supported on a circular foot.

The Silver rim decoration is formed using a classic ‘Greek key’ pattern:  which is both simple and timeless.

Wonderful design and perfect proportions for adding a touch of candlelight to any elegantly dressed table.

Drape these vases in beads to compliment your colours to create a 30’s feel to the arrangement.


Product Code:  SRHLS 

Silver Rim Hurricane Lantern (small)

Lantern Height:   13.5cms approx

Lantern Diameter:  11cms approx

Diameter of foot:  13.5cms approx

Cost of hire (Ex candle):  £5.00 each


Product Code:  SRHLL 

Silver Rim Hurricane Lantern (large)

Height:  18.5cms approx

Diameter:  12cms approx

Diameter of foot:  18.5cms approx

Cost of hire (Ex candle):  £6.00 each


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