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Circular mirror tiles are fabulous for using with a variety of vase and centre-piece styles.

The reflective surface bounces light, adding another dimension to table decor. The effect ‘intensifies’ the surrounding flowers – offering visual interest and depth.

Mirrored surfaces are also effective when using candle votive holders as the flicker of candlelight is enhanced and doubled as it catches the glass surface.

All our mirror tile products have a beveled edge.  They are supplied pristinely clean and ready for immediate use.


Product Code:  CM20

Small Circular Mirror Tile

Diameter:  20cms

Cost of hire:  £1.00 each


Product CodeCM25 

Medium Circular Mirror Tile

Diameter:  25cms

Cost of hire:  £1.20 each 


Product Code:  CM30

Large Circular Mirror Tile

Diameter:  30cms

Cost of hire:  £2.00 each 


Product Code:  CM40

X/L Circular Mirror Tile

Diameter:  40cms

Cost of hire:  £2.70 each


Product Code:  CMT50 

XX/L Circular Mirror Tile

Diameter:  50cms

Cost of hire:  £4.20 each


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