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Perfect to add reflection to dining events, birthdays and weddings alike. Great pieces and available in several sizes to ensure perfect table-top decor!

The reflective surface bounces light, and for those who prefer not to see stems and ‘mechanics’ of the flowers these are the ideal choice.


Product Code:   MSB 

Miniature Silver Balloon Vase

Height:  7cm

Diameter:  8cm

Diameter of opening:  7cm

Cost of hire:  £2.00 each 


Product Code:   MSB12 

Medium Silver Balloon Vase

Height:  10cms

Diameter: 12cms

Diameter of opening:  10cm

Cost of hire:  £3.00 each


Product Code:   LSB20 

Large Silver Balloon Vase

Height:  13cms

Diameter: 20cms

Diameter of opening:  13cm

Cost of hire:  £4.50 each


Product Code:   XLSB25 

Extra Large Silver Balloon Vase

Height:  17cms

Diameter: 25cms (approximately)

Diameter of opening:  15cm

Cost of hire:  £6.50 each 


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